Ark Electric:Turnkey Contracting

We have been ragularly undertaking complete turnkey jobs for multi-application engineering works as per the technical and financial capability of ours

01. Electrical Substation Works (Transformer , 2-Pole , 4 Pole)

02. HT/LT Panel Works

03. Capacitor Banks

04. Power Distribution Systems

05. Laying And Termination Of Cables

06.S.I.T.C Of DG Sets Of Rating Up To 3000 KVA

07.Total Earthing Systems(Earth Mesh Also)

08. PA & Telecommunication System

09. S.I.T.C Of Power Conditioning Equipments

10. Erection Of 11KV & 33KV Independent Feeders

11. Erection Of Overhead Tower Lines

12. Energy Managment & Conversation Systems

13.Air Cooling & Conditioning Systems

14. Civil Work Related To Buildings, Roads , Warehousers etc.