Ark Electric:Liasion & Consultancy

We are well versed with the electrical system and procedures for the connection charging of line, handling over the system, estimation and other NOCs from the relevent statutory authorities. To mobilize the things in our customers'favour we keep on maintaining very good relations with the concerned officers.Due to the strong support from these officers we are able to reduce the cost of the projects by substantial margin. We find ourselves capable enough to lissian with DVB,UPPL,HSEB,relevant electricity regulatory authorities,department of electrical safety of the concerned states.
Ours is a professional organization of regular hardworking,dedicated and devoted young people to achieve our clear perceptional vision.Our qualified engineers have already executed a lot of the prestegious projects for their clients.Due to the vast exposure they have achieved for those projects,we find ourselves in a very comfortable position to make the commitments (technical as well as commercial) and also to fulfill them.<